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    Dear Friends,

    On behalf of ASPIRE, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all colleagues joining this Special Interest Group (SIG) for Male Infertility. Your presence in this group not only signifies your interest to improve your knowledge in the subject matter but also suggests your willingness to lead in the advancement of male infertility management in the region.

    Although male infertility affects nearly 15 % of men, its causes have not been fully understood and identified. The knowledge about the infertile male lags far behind the knowledge involving female infertility. Its etiology is unexplained or idiopathic in approximately half of all cases. Current investigation is usually undertaken by the history, physical examination, and the routine semen analysis. However, recent reports suggest that there are other modes of diagnosis and management can help contribute to its improved understanding. The use of advanced reproductive techniques and micromanipulation associated with in vitro fertilization, preimplantation genetic test (PGT), and the updated molecular approach, may achieve some of these goals. It is interesting to note that significantly growth in male infertility has been achieved with genetic evaluation through next generation sequencing (NGS) in the management and counselling of these couples. With novel consensus and improved communication in this SIG, we may help in updating at clinical and laboratory guidelines of in male infertility management.

    We have assembled truly world-class experts in certain topics related to male infertility. We recognized the worldwide nature of reproductive research and the importance of sharing data for the advancement of the field. Our vision is to bring together the brightest minds in male reproduction and to provide a platform for exchanging invaluable clinical experiences to extend the boundaries of reproductive medicine internationally.

    An example of an innovative technique currently being developed within the ASPIRE boundaries is the Round Cell Sperm Injection (ROSI) as a treatment for a certain type of male infertility. Professor Atsushi Tanaka, together with a group of experts, have been working on that field for over 20 years. So far, more than 500 healthy children have been born thanks to this method. However, challenges still lie ahead and their work is far from complete. Additional experimentation to find the optimal conditions to improve the clinical outcomes is required. The male infertility SIG may now become an avenue to further advance the knowledge about ROSI.

    Advancement of male infertility through the SIG may be accomplished not only in ROSI and the genetic aspects of male infertility but in all aspects of the field. It is our intent to share all of our findings and potentially develop collaboration as a means for advancement of male infertility.

    We therefore encourage all those with interest in Male Infertility to actively participate in the SIG for the rapid progress of our group. Membership is open to all doctors, embryologists and scientists who want to join so we can learn and work together to bring the benefits to patients all over the world struggling with male infertility.

    Let us begin discussions about male infertility issues with this forum thread. Together with Prof Tanaka and Dr Novero, we are excited to hear from you and begin discussion on how we can better manage male infertility. Hope to hear from you soon!

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