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    Recently, the Practice Committees of ASRM, SRBT, and SART published their committee opinions on IVM entitled “In vitro maturation: a committee opinion*. Regarding the IVM technique, they concluded in this opinion that

    • Candidates for IVM may include women at risk for OHSS, including women with PCOS or PCO-like ovaries. Efficacy of IVM in the context of estrogen-sensitive cancers, or in women with limited time for initiating fertility preservation before undergoing potentially gonadotoxic cancer treatments, is still not clear.

    • IVM provides an alternate treatment protocol for these groups of women, with reduced patient burden due to shorter stimulation cycles, fewer injections, and associated reduced drug and monitoring costs.

    • IVM should be offered by those with expertise gained by specific training, and should always be accompanied by appropriate counseling about expected results and informed consent. This technology is no longer considered experimental.

    • IVM is not applicable to every patient; only those with a high AFC are good candidates. However, at this time, patients should be made aware that blastocyst conversion is lower and that implantation and pregnancy rates may be reduced compared with conventional IVF.

    • Large trials comparing clinical outcomes of promising newer methods of IVM versus standard IVF, as well as long-term follow-up studies of neonatal health and developmental outcomes of offspring, are necessary.

    *Fertility and Sterility® Vol. 115, 298-304, No. 2, February 2021

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