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    Management strategies of endometriosis have dramatically changed in the last decade. In the past, it was thought that advanced laparoscopic surgery was once-and-for-all and a kind of panacea, but the reality was different. Endometriosis is a really intractable disease. In addition, it has been revealed that endometriosis is associated not only with pain, infertility, and chocolate cysts, but also with obstetric complications, ovarian cancer, and cardiovascular problems. Now, it is widely recognized that a life-long and holistic approach is needed in the management of endometriosis.

    Meanwhile, endometriosis hampers women’s empowerment, which is a driving force of the development of ASPIRE member countries, by significantly lowering quality of life. Around half of all the women in the world with endometriosis live in our Asia-Pacific Region. That’s close to 100 million women. So, we have a big problem. But also, a real opportunity to make a difference.

    ASPIRE members, this is your special interest group and your chance to make a difference. We are committed to improving standards, to evidence-based care, to innovations for awareness and understanding among girls and women, their families and their medical caregivers, to collaboration in research, to development of networks of expertise in all settings around Asia-Pacific to optimise the care that women receive, and above all to work in partnership with women with endometriosis to make a real difference in their lives.

    Tackling endometriosis is an urgent issue. Be part of the SIG for Endometriosis, exchange thoughts and ideas, learn and collaborate together for improvement of reproductive health and welfare of women. Please join us: Prof Yutaka Osuga, Prof Tzeng Chii-Ruey and I, to make a difference today!

    We have specifically created this forum thread to encourage interaction among our SIG members from the endometriosis group, so feel free to begin discussions, whether its self introduction or about the latest issues in endometriosis!

    Let’s get started!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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